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I live on a farm in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York, surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful views of the Catskill Mountains. In this serene, pastoral setting, I am inspired to express my values through the art of painting.

As a child growing up in South Dakota, my parents encouraged me to pursue my love of music. I studied piano for 12 years and continued those studies as an adult. I especially loved the harmonic integration and soaring melodic beauty of the great Classical and Romantic composers. This love almost certainly provided the catalyst for my subsequent study of art.

Upon graduation from high school I had not fully formulated my artistic views, but I did know that the abstract art that was in fashion then was something I could never embrace. I decided to forego artistic study in college and instead earned a BA with a major in physical education and teaching at Dakota Wesleyan University. Upon graduation I taught in high school for two years before moving to New York.

I rekindled my love of art in New York and over the past four decades I have taken a number of excellent drawing and painting classes – classes that corresponded to my now fully-formed view that the subject matter of a work of art should ultimately leave the viewer with intellectual understanding and positive emotional fulfillment. In one of my earliest classes I studied life drawing with Steven Rogers Peck in White Plains, New York. Later I was fortunate to meet and develop a friendship with Olaf Wieghorst, often called the Dean of Western Artists. It was a privilege and an inspiration to observe, on numerous occasions, the master at work in his winter studio in Florida. These meetings augmented my long-standing love of the American Southwest, and some of my work portrays the culture of the American Indian and the rugged individualism of the American cowboy. With Olaf’s encouragement and his letter of recommendation I was able to further my studies in the Masters Program for Studio Art at the College of New Rochelle in New York. I also credit the Botanical Art and Illustration Program at the New York Botanical Gardens for refining my drawing and watercolor technique.

I have been drawing and painting for over 50 years, using four media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pencil. I choose subject matter that not only nourishes me but also allows me to express my ideals and values. I believe that beauty is a sense of harmonious integration, an integration that provides the viewer with positive intellectual and emotional feedback. The depiction of this concept of beauty is the primary goal of my work. I especially enjoy the challenge of recreating, on a two dimensional surface, not only the beauty of nature, but the beauty and dignity of man’s accomplishments, for which I have great admiration.

Come, enter my world. I hope you will be inspired and uplifted by it.
















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